Activity 02

Study on battery hybrid for safer and more environmentally friendly operation


The objective of this activity is to investigate the needs and potential savings (environmental and operational costs) for the large icebreakers called ATLE/URHO class which have a diesel/electric propulsion system. Based on this information tender documentation will be prepared. The outcome of this study can be used for a number of applications within the maritime area when additional power is required during short time. The battery solution can be used in order to even out fluctuating operating profiles where the load is changing rapidly. It would also be possible to use such system as an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) aboard vessel performing critical operations.

Sub-Activity 2.1 – Tendering and procurement of a consultant

The scope of this sub-activity was to prepare the specification for and procurement of a consultant for the study on technical  solutions. The technical consultant selected was SSPA Sweden Ab.

Sub-Activity 2.2 – Study on technical solutions

The scope of this sub-activity is to investigate the operational profile for the icebreakers and load profile on their engines and to define the functional requirements for the icebreakers. Proposal for technical solutions will be done together with a financial analysis showing the investment and operational costs of the proposed technical solution. Calculations of potential savings in environmental and operational costs and payback time will also be included.

Sub-Activity 2.3 – Preparation of documents for procurement of the system

The scope of this sub-activity is to prepare the procurement documentation for a battery hybrid system, to be installed on an icebreaker of Atle/Urho class. The installation of the system (not included in this Action) will enable to verify the results of sub activity 2.2. Experiences from this project can be utilized to other conversion projects but also for future new buildings.