Activity 05

Pilot study on removable-bow concept


The objective of this activity is to pilot the transformation of ice strengthened vessels and larger tugboats into icebreakers during winter time by installing an icebreaking removable-bow equipped with engines (additional power) and propellers. With reduced investment costs, this concept would give more flexibility for the use of the fleet and can be of great assistance in terms of extra resources during extremely hard winters when more icebreaking services are needed.

The removable-bow concept is an innovation developed under WINMOS (1) Action where it was briefly studied at concept level and tentative open water and ice model tests were performed. It showed very promising results but as this is totally new concept, it requires further investigation. Precisely, model test results need to be verified in real ice conditions and technical solutions and versatility need to be studied further to gain knowledge and understanding of pros and cons of the concept for sound  future investment decisions.

Sub-Activity 5.1 – Concept design study

The scope of this sub-activity was to prepare the concept design study which included: the planning of the concepts for the model tests, the building of the models, ice model tests in a model basin and the comparison with the model tests.

The ice model tests have been performed.

Sub-Activity 5.2 – Piloting the self-propelled removable-bow concept

The scope of this sub-activity is to tender and procure the building of the pilot version of the full scale model. The winning supplier will build the pilot version of the model.

Sub-Activity 5.3 – Full scale trials

The scope of this sub-activity is to tender and procure the full scale trials. Full scale trials will be performed by the winning enterprise that also delivers the required pusher capacity.

Sub-Activity 5.4 – Tendering and procuring the operating of the removable-bow

The scope of this sub-activity was to tender and procure the operating of the removable-bow for icebreaking purposes. This may include steel works, if needed to fit the removable bow to the procured operator’s pusher vessel.

The procurement process of pusher vessel for the icebreaking removable-bow  has been completed. Alfons Håkans’s Calypso has been selected as the pusher vessel for this pilot project.