Activity 07

Study on life extension works of Estonian icebreakers


The objective of this activity was to prepare a detailed study of the current technical situation of Estonian ships. The detailed technical study focused on the icebreaker TARMO and the multipurpose vessel EVA 316.

Estonian icebreaker fleet consists of three vessels: multipurpose vessels BOTNICA and EVA 316, and conventional icebreaker TARMO. BOTNICA, built in 1998 is a modern ship which meets present day requirements. EVA 316 built in 1980 (modernised in 2006) and TARMO built in 1963 belong to the previous generation of ships. Estimated initial life period of an icebreaker is 40-50 years. TARMO, which has never been renovated, is now 53 years and by 2020 EVA 316 will be 40 years of age. EVA 316 was renovated in 2006;however an upgrading is still necessary to meet the tighter environmental regulations and make the icebreaker more efficient in view of the best economical use of resources. Based on the result of the analyses investment decision to upgrade vessels will be done by the Estonian Maritime Administration.

Sub-activity 7.1 – Public procurement of consulting services

The scope of this sub-activity was to procure consultancy services. The technical analysis requires knowledge and specific professional expertise of ship building, naval architecture and machinery. The tendering procedure has been completed and SRC GROUP AS was selected to perform the technical analysis.

Sub-activity 7.2 – Study on technical condition of Estonian icebreakers and needed life extension works

The scope of this sub-activity was to perform technical evaluation of the vessels, analyses of data and preparation of final report. The study will be used as a decision making document for EMA regarding the decision to do the needed life extension works on the vessels.

The study can be found here.


Activity 7 has been completed.