Activity 6

Technical upgrading and life extension of the icebreakers

A modernisation and life extension program is elaborated for the Swedish icebreakers, ATLE, FREJ and YMER which are sister ships, and the smaller icebreaker ALE.  All of these icebreakers were built in the seventies.  The aim with the upgrading program is to adapt them to required standards and to keep them in service for about further 10-15 years.  This is a necessary measure in order to ensure sufficient icebreaking capacity for the next coming years.  All four icebreakers are operated in cooperation with icebreakers from Finland and are thus parts of the maritime infrastructure that serves ships bound for the northernmost Baltic Sea ports.

The program also covers a number of measurers in order to adapt the icebreakers to modern standards regarding environmental performance and living space standard. These measures include e.g. the following:

  • new towing winches;
  • new mooring winches;
  • upgraiding heating system;
  • upgraiding electric propulsion engines;
  • oil mist detoctor;
  • upgraiding pipe system;
  • upgraiding exhaust system;
  • upgraiding lubrication system;
  • upgraiding engine control systems;
  • improving on board stability;
  • improving sewerage treatment plant;
  • upgraiding cooling water system; and
  • upgraiding living spaces.