Work package 1
Project management, coordination, and communication


The objective of this work package is to ensure efficient management and communication of the project and to monitor and coordinate the functional and technology aspects of the project’s deployment activities. The task encompasses day-to-day management and coordination of the project and its work packages, internal coordination and communication between the beneficiaries and associated partner, external communication about the project as well as financial, quality and risk management of the project.

A pilot project was performed within WINMOS (1) Action to modernise the IBNet system which became IBNext. During the pilot the system was completely renewed to fit modern technological standards and user demands. It needs now to be updated and developed to a modern web-browser based system which would also support modern day mobile devices and touch screen technology. In addition, the results of the pilot executed under WINMOS (I) will be implemented in order to adapt the system to other marine traffic systems like those developed within STM-MonaLisa and EfficienSea2.

The pilot was tested during icebreaking season 2016-2017 onboard some Swedish and Finnish icebreakers and the results were successful and good enough to take the decision to implement the new system and replace the old IBNet for the whole icebreaking fleet and for onshore users. The tasks under the Activity consists of software development and installation process.

The upgraded IBNext system has been  implemented in Finland and Sweden.